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  1. 1 Water Water 05:29
  2. 2 The Long Goodbye 03:43
  3. 3 I Woke Up Dreaming 03:13
  4. 4 Fool's Gold 02:56
  5. 5 Postcard to the Stars 03:44
  6. 6 A Wing and a Prayer 04:18
  7. 7 The Road to Paradise 05:05
  8. 8 The February Thaw 03:27
  9. 9 The Peace Bridge 04:41
  10. 10 When My Father was Tall 03:40
  11. 11 Water Under the Bridge 05:32
  12. 12 Circles and Spheres 04:38
  13. 13 The Thunderhead 04:26


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The Road to Paradise

The Road to Paradise - 13 new songs written and performed by Wendy Wall.

Baker Lee, guitar, and co-arranger (Melanie, Sonny Terry)
Steve Holley, drums and percussion (Paul McCartney and Wings, Dar Williams, Joe Cocker)
Kevin Jenkins, bass (Cyndi Lauper, John Gorka)
Marc Shulman, guitar (Suzanne Vega, Edie Brikell, Jonatha Brooke, Patty Larkin)
Larry Campbell, banjo, mandolin (Bob Dylan, Roseanne Cash, Paul Simon, Joan Osborne)
Tommy B Thompson, background vocals, guitar, co-arranger.

The ethereal and dreamlike quality of the opening and closing tracks on The Road To Paradise are bookends to a lyrical and musical story that represents a time of further transition

1. I Woke Up Dreaming
2. Back in April
3. Hugging the Coast
4. Coming to Light
5. The Road to Paradise
6. Fool's Gold
7. What Do I  Do With Love
8. A Wing and a Prayer
9. The Wallflower Waltz
10. For All My Worrying
11. The Wisdom
12. Water Under the Bridge
13. Silence of Plenty

Two Birds

Two Birds was first  released, in limited release, in 2001. It was released digitally in 2007.
It is currently out of print, but is currently available as a download. Just click on the album cover to buy. Thanks for your support.
Any other vendors of the Two Birds CD, other than through the Wendy Wall website, or through this link to CD Baby, are not authorized by Wendy Wall, Wildbird Records or Tumblestone Records.
This is in reference to the physical CD only. 
Digital downloads have been made available for sale through us, and through our digital distributor. Please enjoy and know you are supporting the music through those avenues

The Long Goodbye
Water Water
The February Thaw
The Last Days of Winter
Time to Say Goodbye
Healings Hands
Two Birds
Every Now and Then
Time Traveler
Fall From Grace
By the Light of the Moon
When a Wild Thing Goes Free
When My Father Was Tall

Wendy Wall Debut

Wendy's debut album, featuring "Postcard to the Stars", "Sweet Imagination",  "The Thunderhead" and "Nothing Lasts Forever"

Dig That Crazy Beat          
Real Love
Living in a State of Grace
Wandering the Streets of Modern America
Sweet Imagination
Postcard to the Stars
Missiles & Guns
Do It
A Woman's Voice
The Proving Ground
Time & Change
Nothing Lasts Forever
The Thunderhead

The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth has not been released, although there are sightings of it around the web, not of our doing, and without our knowledge. It is not available for sale at this point.
A correction to the credits that have been circulated:
Baker Lee plays all acoustic guitars and also adds electric guitar and tremelo electric guitar to select tracks.
He is a co-arranger on all songs
Lynne Robyn sings background vocals on select tracks

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