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Road to Paradise

1. I Woke Up Dreaming
2. Back in April
3. Hugging the Coast
4. Coming to Light
5. The Road to Paradise
6. Fool's Gold
7. What Do I  Do With Love
8. A Wing and a Prayer
9. The Wallflower Waltz
10. For All My Worrying
11. The Wisdom
12. Water Under the Bridge
13. Silence of Plenty

Produced by Wendy Wall and Stewart Lerman
Executive Producers Wendy Wall and Baker Lee
All songs written by Wendy Wall


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Two Birds

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1.The Long Goodbye          
2.Water Water
3.The February Thaw
4.The Last Days of Winter
5.Time to Say Goodbye
6.Healing Hands
7.Two Birds
8.Every Now and Then
9.Time Traveler
10.Fall From Grace
11.By the Light of the Moon
12.When a Wild Thing Goes Free
13.When My Father Was Tall

Produced by Wendy Wall and Peter Gallway
Executive Producer Ken Murray
All songs written by Wendy Wall, except "Time to Say Goodbye" written by Wendy Wall and Baker Lee

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